Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nurse debate VS Doctor

Lately in many website, blog comments found so many negative criticism who addresses to NURSES. A number of criticism speak to Nursing Competency and competition of a profession between Doctor and Nurse especially in Indonesia. Why it's a matter? We acknowledge doctor is old profession who as a Nurse reference and it's true that the Nurse science most is same. The different is time of study and curriculum of study, if medicines finished that graduated till 7 years even 10 years but Nurse is packet study for 3 years(Diploma III) and 4 years (Bachelor of Nursing)till 6 years to get NERS it mean that Development of Nursing is going process.

I feel the debate between doctor and Nurse are be waste time and will be worse the Health Care Indonesia image. We have to study from other country such as US, British, Australia. there is no any Debate doctor VS Nurse in that countries so why it happen in Indonesia?

In US or other countries Nurse and doctor is good partner to build network team with one goal is doing best services to patient, but in Indonesia it's so grateful when still debate always running. We know Nurse is new generation it's mean still need more study and research to improve nursing to become professional, of course need any Health Partner to be support especially doctor. If doctor always blaming to Nurses we know Nurse will not come to professional.

Positive debate is well and will improve any profession,but negative debate is nothing. Indonesia Nursing at that moment is going process to increase level competency. Did you know nursing history in Indonesia, starting in SPK (Sekolah Perawat kesehatan/ school of nursing) as a level senior high school then change to Diploma Of Nursing and bachelor of nursing and lately master of nursing also available. Alteration of study proofed that nursing elevate their skill to become professional. In every work system even in Health care provider needed Team Work, there is no single job will be completely done, so let's to build best Team Work if we want to number one, there is no king lonely will be set up their empire, but succes of their empire is working together.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Health Tips For Ramadhan

Today the most muslim community in the world performing fasting day. fasting day is the day that we are not eat and drink anything as a whole day, so we have to be prepare energy from night before imsak (the warning time that eat and drink must be stop and it is innitialy fasting day must go on).

To keep our body always health we have to take healthy food and drink fresh water is more benefite than other drinking like cofe ,tea. Tea it increase your urine output product so it will easy to loss you electrolite and making your body going to weak and fatigue, so then you have to choise what the best food for your daily activities. Ifound best article from here, so please read don't leave it, Click here to the article you have to read

Monday, August 11, 2008

When Indonesia Nurses Getting salary equal with other country

Indonesia Nurses on August 6,2008 going to Japan and nurses will be pay with salary rate$2000-2500. This is a good news for all people in Indonesia but the question is why so many nurses going abroad? I think is simple answer is Salary. Yeah, salary is still problem especially for nurses in Indonesia, even other reason for example to improve nursing study or even other, but number one is SALARY who many nurses going abroad.

Many nursing graduate imagine to be work in other country such as in Middle east, Europe,Australia,USA,Malaysia,Japan because money, why Indonesia nursing will be pay less than its country even 10 time less for example if you are graduate from diploma III you will be pay at range $90-100, Bachelor of Nursing will be pay $100-200. It is reality so it can not cover your monthly expenses even only for primary necessary than what do you thing?

So that way when there is agency announce many nursing vacancy to be go to abroad so many nurses will be join and come for participant to struggle with other nursing in order to get chance work. It will be attract question when Indonesia nurses will be get salary as much as nursing in own country (Indonesia)? some time nursing who work in hospital getting wage less than minimum wage standard, because nurse is not under ministry of labor that have regulation to determine minimum wage standard, so nurses will be follow depend on hospital host or Health care Provider profit. If the Health care Provider is good finance so nurses will be get good wage, but if the Health Care Provider is bad finance of course nurses will be pay less than Regional Standard Wage.

It will be take concern for government to make standard salary for who Health Care Provider hiring nurses must follow to the life standard, so nurses will be life well and they can giving best service to patiens.