Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nurse Wages Hourly Based

In the past year up to now Indonesian Nurses are getting monthly salary which much varieties take home pay. The monthly wages who paid to Indonesian Nurse are getting enough yet to paid for monthly family expenses even welfare. It has been made most of Indonesian Nurse do site job in their home to do clinical practice as well as medical practices.
Illegal practice who performed by Nurses at home can not separate from action caused by uncover to establish monthly necessary, because the salary is too low just cover to living cost bachelor only.

I have been as a Nurse and at that time I got how smaller my salary than other professional who have work in factory. Nurse just pay less than minimum Regional Wages Standard (UMR) which released by Ministry of Labor, it caused the Nurse to be offended, so the Nurses wages System better comply to Pay Hour Rate like USA, Australia, for instance if one hour 5000 rupiahs the Nurses have been 8 hours finished their task so the nurse will be paid 40.000 rupiahs or around $4 in the whole day work. I hope Indonesian nurse for next future will be adoption to this system, so many Nurses will be fair paid, welfare and always smile face to patient every day. Please Smile Indonesian Nurse, no need to go to USA or even cross country again