Saturday, January 03, 2009

Nurses and Technology

Nurses who do task in Hospital and other Health Care Provider still use record patients in paper- based. It can not be avoided especially in remote area as a reason of limitation of installation and Internet connection also few of computers instrument in Health Care Provider made many Nurses more paper-based useful then other new technology such as use computers record.

Technology will be helpful to nurses task if it programmed and integrated to nurses condition so it will be make nurses do their job more effectively and quick, but if the technology it does not matching with the nurses activities it will be waste time and make nurses do double activities. Such several commentator according to this topic Nursing faces a critical shortage of the right technology which Published December 16, 2005 By Dr .Bill Crounse, M.D. They discuss with Nurse to implemented PC technology to assist Nurses task in Hospital. In the general Nurses agree to using Technology to help their job completely well and accurate without any difficulty running their activities. For complete article you can follow this link.