Saturday, December 03, 2011

Nursing Salary In Kuwait

Kuwait is one of destination many Nurses from overseas such as Philippine, India, Egypt, Indonesia, Palestine, Pakistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, and few of Nurses from Europe, British, USA.

Why many Nurses to choose work in Kuwait? The reason is Kuwait not to obtain strict requirement like America or British which required TOEFL, NCLEX, ELTS therefore many Nurses from ASEAN more considered to take it. The requirement who Nurses want to working at Kuwait Ministry of Health must have experiences more than 2 years , able to speak English or Arabic, but Arabic is not mandatory, Nurses License must be obtained as supporting data to Higher Education.

Kuwait Nurses wages in Kuwait will be paid on Dinar currency not in Dollars. The Nurse salary are depend on Experience, level education and working area so that way Nurses diploma are different wages so if you are Diploma may paid at range between 350 to 450 KD and for BSN may paid till 600 KD.

The standard salary for new hire more high than the old one, so many Nurses resign and back to Kuwait will get High Salary then the old one.

If you are interest just apply to your Nursing agency at your country and try to working there ad collect Dinar to reach your imagine.