Friday, October 26, 2007

Nurses Resignation Procedure In Kuwait

Do you want to be resign? Yeah, I just want to share my experience to do resign as a Nurses work in Kuwait Ministry of Health (MOH).This month I,m so tired because of my resignation procedure, but Alhamdullilah, even the long event procedure was passed. I,m a nurse who worked in Clinic of Deportation Center ( Ebaad Jail) under Ministry of Interior Kuwait. I have been worked 3 years already and have been resigned on early of November 2007.

This is my first experience as a nurse as long as 10 years. Work as a nurse in the jail so interesting and getting different experience than other Health Care provider such as the normal hospital, clinics and others even the work procedure is almost similar. I can not forget the experience so horrible and interesting.

The first time really i,m so scare when my matron posted me to be work in Central Prison Hospital. How I can imagine, working in the jail, ohh, I thought that Jail so life condition like in Wild World. The people are so cruel, impolite, no hospitality, not friendly, liar and so on. Yeah, Jail Living is almost same with community out site, some prisoner is having bad attitude, impolite, cruel and other even like that many prisoner is so respect to Nurses.

After several month later, working in the jail is enjoy, we can meet so many different people character made me recognize distinguish who is really prisoner with pure doing crime and people who as a victim only of unfair condition, even like that we are nurse who care to all prisoner without making different care. Yeah, this is brief of my experience as long as work in the Jail.

I continue about Nurses Resignation Procedure, just follow to steps of this procedure below:

  1. Please write request resignation letter to your Matron at least 3 months previously.
  2. Your matron maybe recommended to you to taking annual leave before resign or not, but as my experience I suppose you to taking leave before going to process your resign, because it will be help you to do resign early.
  3. After your request was approved by Matron, then your request resignation letter sent already to ministry please follow up to Ministry of Health (MOH) after month in Resignation section and ask about your file, but before you are going to ministry please taking reference number file of your request resignation letter from your hospitals or clinics, ask to secretary of your nursing department. This reference number is very important to avoid difficulty problem in ministry, because if you bring the reference number the resignation officer will help you what to do to checking your file is ready in ministry in the right please.
  4. After your file was collected in resignation section, then the resignation section officer encourage you to starting clearance letter to Ministry of Communication (in shuwaikh near the Gulf Bank, enter inside and ask to officer, but my experience they suppose me to go to building number 8 in the same area), ministry of electricity and water (South syura opposite with Civil ID building, first floor), Your Bank, Ministry of Interior in Farwaniyah (in crime section building, 8th floor) opposite Seer Center Farwaniyah, Housing ( Each Fawas of your building residency), then last is Hospital Clearance.
Above are 4 steps you have be completed, but what you have to do to complete your resignation process? I will guide you so you will getting clear information before you are going to process your resign, please follow me:

  1. Please do clearance to Ministry of communication, you just need showing your Civil ID, the they will process around 1 minute finish.
  2. Please go to Ministry of Electricity and Water, same procedure just need your civil ID, they will process few minute finish.
  3. Go to your Bank, they need also Civil ID and your Bank Account Number, if you have credit card , better you have to close or pay off your credit card 2 months before you are submit your resignation letter, because credit card it will take time till 2 months for clearance otherwise you will get problem later.
  4. Go to Ministry of Interior, just need Civil ID and coror letter (your resignation letter, this letter given by resignation section).
  5. Housing, you have to come to your Fawas area which building you are stay and you must accompanied by your flat residence as a witnesses and bring also your key room to endorsed to your Fawas.
  6. Hospital, you have request to your Head Nurse notice that you have not any inventory in your Hospital Workplace and forwarded to your Matron.
Sorry, I dont have time enough, because I have to prepare my travel property, I will continue when I reach in Idonesia, ok, see you then.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Why Nurses is pay less than other Professional, Even Health Partnership?

Nurse is profession who save to patient of live. In daily activity nurses are 24 hours companions patient in care well-being. Nurses is front line profession who have high risk of accident or even getting prefer transferable disease from patient through by many body material such as blood specimens, fluid specimens, injection accident, Musculosceletal disorder, HNP (back pain), stress and so on.

Nurses who work in emergency room and Intensive Care Unit Ward perform heavy emotional stress job and risk of injury even they did not think care to their safety because most of their activities to safe of patient live first. It is a describing Nurses in the daily activities. If we compare with other health partnership like doctor, pharmacist, radiologist, Laboratory technician Nurses are more stressful than others.

The problem is even nurses have so many activities with high risk but they did not get good rewarding. Nurses in many country always getting low pay scale salary than other professional. Nurses wages In many Asian country such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China are getting less salary even they can not cover the monthly expenditure and sometimes to cover they necessary they taking loan. This is a dilemma because Nurses is honor profession but they employer or even government did not care with Nurses welfare.

To increase nurses earning some nurses taking master even doctor, but the educational expenses is not questionable reward. Nurses currently is not only doctor second hand, with nurses skill and master education are same with doctor, even some nurses more skillful in several area like emergency room, Intensive Care Unit, all linked training that they taking so nurses can do to save of patient live without waiting doctor order.