Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Attack

Today most of news reported Swine Flu which have been attack to Human. Is not yet so far relate flu who have been infected to many people in the world called Bird Flu has been reduce and currently following by Swine Flu.

Actually Swine flu is common in swine and rare in humans. People who work with swine, especially people with intense exposures, are at risk of catching swine influenza if the swine carry a strain able to infect humans. However, these strains rarely are able to pass from human to human. Rarely, SIV (Swine Influenza Virus) mutates into a form able to pass easily from human to human.

The strain responsible for the 2009 swine flu outbreak is believed to have undergone such a mutation. This virus is named swine flu because one of its surface proteins is similar to viruses that usually infects pigs, but this strain is spreading in people and it is unknown if it infects pigs.
(source Wikipedia)

What Is Symptoms Of Swine Flu?
Symptoms of swine flu are similar to those of influenza and of influenza-like illness in general, namely chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, severe headache, coughing, weakness and general discomfort. The strain responsible for the 2009 swine flu outbreak in most cases causes only mild symptoms and the infected person makes a full recovery without requiring medical attention and without the use of antiviral medicines.

What The Treatment Of Swine Flu?
As recommended from CDC they suggest to use Tamiflu (oseltamivir) or Relenza (zanamivir) for the treatment and/or prevention of infection with swine influenza viruses, however, the majority of people infected with the virus make a full recovery without requiring medical attention or antiviral drugs.The virus isolates that have been tested from the US and Mexico are however resistant to amantadine and rimantadine. If a person gets sick, antiviral drugs can make the illness milder and make the patient feel better faster.

They may also prevent serious flu complications. For treatment, antiviral drugs work best if started soon after getting sick (within 2 days of symptoms).

What Will We Do?
To avoid Swine Flu infected to our body, we have so carefully with Swine. If you have swine livestock please keep always health and fell free to consultation with your Doctor to ensure that your Swine is Ok. Keep your our body always health with take any vitamin to protect your body from Swine Flu infection. If you feeling suffer swine Flu soon goes to doctor to immediately getting medication. For update information on Swine Flu please visit to WHO Website

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Have you ever been Allergy experience?

Have you ever been feeling allergy while you do any activities or even after finish from them? Many people have been feeling skin burn, redness and too itching when they have been finished from their activities such as gardening and do farming activities. Allergy is something happen to your body caused disorders of your immune system related to allergy agent. Many allergics agent like bed matres material, animal feather, flowers, animal bite, environmental imbalance, food, sea food, and so on.

In some people case, severe allergies to environmental or dietary allergens or to medication may result in life-threatening anaphylactic reactions shock and potentially death. To understand what the trigger of allergic you have to recognize what did you do before allergic occurred It is important to itemize what allergic agent precede to help the doctor determined allergic factors, so the treatment will be easy to take and quickly save to the patient.

But in case if you are allergics you may choose anti allergy medications that sale in drug store and better telling to the pharmacist detail allergic agent who attack to you. Here many allergics medication will help to you but think deeply before taking any allergics drug for safety used.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


In the lifetime most of people have experiences of a Acne. Acne is something that influence in our daily performance, especially for women. Most of women was limited to their daily activities cause by Acne. Many method and cure to diminishes of acne but sometime is the treatment is wrong it will be make Acne coming worse.

No one knows exactly what causes acne . even like that Acne is most common during adolescence, and affecting more than 85% of teenagers, frequently continues into adulthood. Hormone changes is one cause in adolescence is generally an increase in male sex hormones, which people of both genders accrue during puberty. Most people, acne diminishes over time and tends to disappear—or at the very least decrease—after one reaches one's early twenties such as those during the teenage years and pregnancy, probably play a role.

There are many myths about what causes acne. Chocolate and greasy foods are often blamed, but there is little evidence that foods have much effect on acne in most people. Another common myth is that dirty skin causes acne; however, blackheads and pimples are not caused by dirt. Stress doesn't cause acne, but stress can make it worse

The face and upper neck are the most commonly affected, but the chest, back and shoulders may have acne as well. The upper arms can also have acne, but lesions found there are often keratosis pilaris, not acne. Typical acne lesions are comedones, inflammatory papules, pustules and nodules. Some of the large nodules were previously called "cysts" and the term nodulocystic has been used to describe severe cases of inflammatory acne.