Monday, October 08, 2007

Why Nurses is pay less than other Professional, Even Health Partnership?

Nurse is profession who save to patient of live. In daily activity nurses are 24 hours companions patient in care well-being. Nurses is front line profession who have high risk of accident or even getting prefer transferable disease from patient through by many body material such as blood specimens, fluid specimens, injection accident, Musculosceletal disorder, HNP (back pain), stress and so on.

Nurses who work in emergency room and Intensive Care Unit Ward perform heavy emotional stress job and risk of injury even they did not think care to their safety because most of their activities to safe of patient live first. It is a describing Nurses in the daily activities. If we compare with other health partnership like doctor, pharmacist, radiologist, Laboratory technician Nurses are more stressful than others.

The problem is even nurses have so many activities with high risk but they did not get good rewarding. Nurses in many country always getting low pay scale salary than other professional. Nurses wages In many Asian country such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China are getting less salary even they can not cover the monthly expenditure and sometimes to cover they necessary they taking loan. This is a dilemma because Nurses is honor profession but they employer or even government did not care with Nurses welfare.

To increase nurses earning some nurses taking master even doctor, but the educational expenses is not questionable reward. Nurses currently is not only doctor second hand, with nurses skill and master education are same with doctor, even some nurses more skillful in several area like emergency room, Intensive Care Unit, all linked training that they taking so nurses can do to save of patient live without waiting doctor order.


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